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Scaffold load must comply with the following requirements

East Grace Tech Corporation | Updated: Jan 16, 2017

1.the load on a work surface (including the scaffold, people, tools and materials), juice, when there is no structural scaffold scaffold is not more than not more than 4KN/m2 decoration kN/m2; maintenance scaffold is not more than 1kN/m2.
2. homework loads should be distributed evenly on the surface to avoid loading over the Earth together.
3.Scaffold load must comply with the following requirements
4.vertical transport infrastructure (Derrick) transhipment between the planks of the platform and scaffolding to quantitative control and load should not exceed the provisions of the construction organization design, shall be arbitrarily increase the number of planks and excess construction materials piled up.
5.the beam, fastener should be shipped with the installation shall not be stored on the scaffold.
6.heavy construction equipment (welding machines, etc) shall not be placed on a scaffold.

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